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A Digital Marketing Facelift that Changed the Course of Business

Digital Diagnosis Marketing BaroudiCould your marketing strategy be the difference between saying goodbye to your business or opening another day? Digital Diagnosis Marketing knows that with the right tools, and maybe a facelift and a touchup or two, your company can go from closing its doors to winning new awards.

With a customized, strategic digital marketing campaign, we helped a 20-year cosmetic and plastic surgery company perform a complete 180. Almost ready to throw in the towel, this Southwest Florida doctor contacted our team to help turn their digital marketing strategy around with the goal of reaching a new spectrum of patients and a boost in revenue. 

Through an in-depth paid search campaign, we not only achieved these goals but also received results that went above and beyond. When the doctor came to us, they were already well-known for specializing in certain procedures. We used their established reputation to steer our digital campaign. 

Digital Diagnosis Marketing Baroudi Case Study

We also expanded upon the company’s current marketing plan to enhance its geography from a five-mile radius to a 20–30-mile radius. This may seem like a small change, but by broadening their reach, we connected the business to people in surrounding communities, counties, and cities. Spreading the word about an exceptional plastic surgeon who has a stellar reputation in their neighborhood saw the boost in patients and revenue the business needed to get back on its feet.

Throughout our campaign, this cosmetic and plastic surgery business was able to grow and prosper within its community, and still does today.