Digital Diagnosis Marketing


Medical Marketing in the Age of Self-Diagnosing

Digital Diagnosis Marketing Vivid Case Study

There are a million ways to design a website. So, how do you know when you are doing it right? For one of our Michigan medical clients, it was simple…it all came down to their patients. With the idea of promoting the way consumers were already using the internet in terms of their health, a new website was born. When the client approached us, ready to start their healthcare business, we began by building their online presence. We constructed their website – copy, visuals, layout, videos, etc. – from scratch to meet not only their needs but also the needs of their patients. Each day, 70,000 healthcare searches are performed every minute. Nearly 44% of Americans now self-diagnosis themselves online. To stay ahead of these new health-related internet trends, we bridged the gap between self-diagnosis and safely seeking the correct treatment. Digital Diagnosis Marketing Vivid Case StudyHow did we do it? By providing our client’s patients with an easy to navigate and simple to use list that allows the patients to match their symptoms to the services the client provides. This allows the patients to get confirmed health information before they even walk through the client’s doors. Consumers feel confident in the treatment they seek long before meeting with a medical professional. In just 8 weeks, our client saw an outstanding amount of traffic on their brand-new website.

Over 720 Clicks on their Ads to their Booking Site
Over 60 Appointment Clicks in 8 Weeks
Click Through Rate of 14.16%

The website also lets the client check-in patients online before the patient’s scheduled appointment. The process is easy, fast, and efficient for both the medical practice as well as their customers.