Renee Stoll [Re-NAY Stole]

Video Production Manager

Renee is an Emmy nominated journalist with nearly 15 years of experience reporting, producing, writing, shooting, and editing. After working as a news reporter for the #1 station in the country, WABC, she decided to get out of the news business, but hasn’t put content creation behind her.

More than a decade as a journalist taught her how to hone the craft of storytelling, evoke emotion through video, and create a connection when both elements are combined. Whether it’s to inform or entertain, the objective is always to generate content that bonds the viewer and vendor.  She’s created videos for companies across the country for use on social media, websites, email marketing, government presentations, TV commercials, digital ads, YouTube channels, live events, and more.

When not working, you’ll find Renee exploring beaches and state parks, basically anything that takes her outdoors and plops her in the middle of nature. She’s also a beast with a table saw, hammer and nails, and takes on woodworking projects in her spare time.

Renee Stoll, Video Production Manager for Digital Diagnosis Marketing

Fun Facts:

Favorite sports team - Yankees for this Native New Yorker

Favorite Florida beach - Clearwater Beach

Caffeinated beverage of choice - Quad Shot, Non-fat Latte… Hold the Sugar

Favorite quote "A year from now you will wish you had started today." - Karen Lamb

The most important thing you keep in your car - My Beach Chair